Getting serious about your business or blog? You’re going to need web hosting.

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In order to have a web host, you will need a domain name. Most web hosting companies offer one free domain with one of their packages, so you don’t necessarily have to find a different place to get a domain name. It’s also typically easier to sign up for a hosting package if you don’t already have a domain name, especially since you’ll likely get one for free.

I would recommend choosing a domain name that describes who you are or what you do in an easy to read and easy to remember manner. I just used the name of my business as my domain name. It’s a little on the long side, but shortening it would require getting creative with spelling (like thevirtvisio, or virtlvsnry), which isn’t as easy to read because it doesn’t make sense to look at it, and it would be difficult to remember exactly how it’s spelled. There are also no spaces in domain names. You can have dashes or underscores, but it’s better not to try to separate words like that.

Once you’ve finally landed on a domain name, you’re ready to check out the various…

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